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Commercial Interior Design

Many people get confused between interior design and interior decoration. Interior design is much more in its scope than interior decoration. Thank you for your interest While interior decoration simply means an arrangement of the furniture and other components that make the interior of a room in an esthetic manner, interior design includes environmental psychology, product design, and architecture in addition to the traditional approach to interior decoration. If you want to get involved completely in a role of an interior designer, then there is no other option than trying for a career in commercial interior design.

Again, commercial interior design is different from residential interior design. Residential interior design, as the name suggests, is about designing architecture and interior decoration for rooms that are basically dwelling places. Click here for more information So, if you are calling a decorator to pretty up your house a bit, that is residential interior design. However, commercial interior design is much broader in its outlook. Here, the decoration is not confined just to houses, but extends to commercial places. Commercial interior designers are in great demand in places like hospitals, nursing homes, boutiques, malls, offices, department stores, and many more places.

You will need to get qualified to get embarked in a commercial interior designing career. The first qualification needed would be completing a diploma course in interior designing from a nationally accredited university or a school. Or else, you will have to acquire a degree for either a graduate or a postgraduate course in interior designing. Take a look at our site When you start out with your practice, you will need to apply for license exams conducted by National Council for Interior Design Qualification. These exams are supplementary professional exams, and they need to be preceded by a degree or diploma course in interior designing.

Commercial interior designers do get a great deal of creative job satisfaction. This is because there are several avenues within this career. One of the most prolific branches is office interior designing. Workplaces are getting more and more innovative in design with each passing day, and that is enough material for designers to hone their skills. Office interior designing combines both efficiency and esthetics and hence becomes a good challenge for professional designers. Another interesting and lucrative option is interior designing of shopping malls and showrooms. These are places where commercial designers can really bring out their talents, since no two showrooms or shopping malls are ever designed alike.

Some designers are expanding their pursuits to more daring regions such as designing for holiday resorts and theme parks. All these come under commercial interior designing and are very highly paying contracts.

It is certainly useful if you have some contacts to enter into the field of commercial interior designing, because there is a lot of competition here. However, there are some other ways by which you can make an easy entry. If you are with an accredited school and have performed well in them, then they will provide placement with you in smalltime firms, from where you will have to work your way upwards. Or you can approach some interior design agencies from where you can get small contracts. The beginning for an interior designer is always tough, but the ones who survive the race will surely lead a very assured life with a highly paying profession.